If a query was opened, abnormal behavior happened when closing Navicat. Jul 31, Improvement Windows 8 support, installer and Ukrainian localization. When generated update query, identity column did not skip in Import Wizard. Timestamp field properties text box was not shown in Oracle Table Designer. Jan 31 Navicat Premium Windows version Progress indicator in Query viewer result kept spinning after rows inserted.

Nom: navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Wrongly quoted the value in Export output file. Failed to import number from Excel in Import Wizard. Multi-connections Database Administration tool: Fixed the error when running Explain plan for Oracle 9i. Full House Reloaded 1. Incorrect field type showed in ER Diagram.

Crashed when getting mysq constraints due to extra constraints created by PostgreSQL extension earthdistance. Command-W shortcut did not close the active window in some cases. When exported data to MS Access, myssl and day values were mixed up. Popup menu was shown far away when clicking on Diagram View or Model Design in retina display.

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Stack Overflow error when running Query. Improved the Message Log information.


Tree node was unable to be highlighted when Connection Coloring feature was applied under Windows XP. F-Secure Anti-Virus for Firewalls 6.

navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9

Unable to change the comment of PostgreSQL functions with named parameters. Fixed the problem of importing null values into newly created fields in Import Wizard. Unable to duplicate profiles. Navicat for Premium Mac version 9. Unable to create mysl query inside a group.

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Feb 24 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Improved the internal code to avoid some crash that would occur. Slow performance experienced when editing on grid due to mysq of 9.19. editor menu on demand. Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard. When import text-based file using Import Wizard, Naivcat was unable to get the number of columns correctly if the file did not contain field name row or there were empty lines existed before kysql data naivcat.

navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9

Unable to login SQL Server with password contains « ; ». Dec 5, Updated German localization. Supported coloring the Objects tab when a colored connection is selected. Mar 5 Navicat Premium Mac version Code completion replaced the text after caret. In Structure Synchronization, when nxvicat queries generated in the « Queries for Modification » list were too long mysq.


Failed to export SQLite views with alias field names.

Updated rows in Query Viewer were reverted back to their previous value after highlighting another rows. App Store Essentials version: Jul 9 Navicat Premium Mac version Nov 23 Navicat Premium macOS version Allowed to save a export profile for a running query.

navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9

Support choosing server version for SQL to be generated in Data Transfer, support more transfer options. Fixed while changing value in table grid view given  » – Unknown column  » in ‘field list' » error message using MySQL server version 4. Error occurred mavicat deleting multiple users in SQL Server. When adding fields in a table with SQLite foreign key constraint in Table Designer, the reference table field would be renamed. 9.11.9 exported data to Excel spreadsheet, string start with zero e.

Incorrect unique values were imported from. Unable to show error messages when saving SQL Server procedures.